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Bonİmplant Spine Implants

BONIMPLANT provides service by applying quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards and improves product range, follows the latest developments in spinal implant sector. The target of our company is that become the leader with an innovative perspective in spinal implant sector. Raising the level to compete at the international level of efficiency in all our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach, points that are reached in our spinal implant productive activity are the beginning of our new quest for perfection. For increasing production and service with decreasing loss of production and provide continuity;

• Enhancing the quality of spinal implant product with providing implementation of quality system effectively at all stages of production.
• Expanding and improving of product range with keeping up with technology closely.
• Adhering to the principle of confidentiality by limiting with laws using all the data which is relating to our cus-tomers. Understanding demands of customers completely and accurately, evaluating and engaging in a curative activity.
• Improving customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality and maximize with measurement of customer satisfaction.
• Producing spinal implant according to ASTM standards.
• By creating education programs provide workers to participate into activity of quality increasing and generating an institutive culture and to create conscious of production of spinal implant of good quality within participation of all senior management and workers
• Being the pioneer of a new concept in spinal implant production with our employees that are aware of the value of the services, producing solution, espouser of work, sharing of knowledge, wise to team work and improving themselves.
• As BONIMPLANT providing and using all the necessary resources to capture the highest level of operational safety, security and quality. Creating opportunities for improvement with quality-oriented, systematic and disciplined approach in BONIMPLANT.
• In the direction of these purposes, the participation of our employees working, training and full support is essential.

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